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Logic C920 with El Capitan

Seems to work to control the Logitec webcam. However, the price of 7.99 € is much too much. It looks somebody plays with the panic that you get if your webcam does not work. It happened to me that I thought (based on a Youtube video) that I could fix my issue with this app. The app should cost 1 € maximum. You can get a free app by Logitec that does the same as this app (Logitec Gaming Software). So don’t go in the trap to lose money on this app here.

Works great for my stop motions!

I’m a brickfilmer and I have a LifeCam that was losing focus without this app. I think this app is great for people with pc based webcams. I would give it 5 stars but I think this app is too basic to be a paid app. But it’s still good. Definitely recommend this for stop motions! :)

Won’t open!

Bought the software and hasn’t opened since day one! NOT HAPPY!


MacBook Air El Captain 10.11.5 Webカメラ ELECOM UCAM-C0220FBNBK 他の方のレビューを参考に、おそるおそる購入させていただきましたが、バッチリ使えました。 Photo BoothでOK、ライブチャットでOK。 日本語対応で、大変シンプルな作りでわかりやすく、逆にもっと細かいことをしたい人には物足りないかもしれません。

Worked flawlessly with Logitech C920

Worked great with my Logitech C920. I was able to quickly adjust my brightness, saturation and contrast to get an amazing picture. Without this software, my facetime camera was better than my Logitech. Now, the C920 is significantly better than the facetime camera.

Once could open in iMac and it played nice with Webcam

I’ve written Logitech and now trying to get support from Webcam Settings. My app won’t open. It was what I used to make the HD PRO Webcam C920 work (like actually have adjustments). Now this camera only is a pointer and works (but no controls or panels) because Webcam Settings will not open. I have version 2.3 and there looks like there’s an update but since I cannot open, I cannot get it. Please suggest what I might do because I already have iSight. I wanted better, clearer, options with my Logitech and Webcam Settings used to make that possible. Just want access to the panels again. The rating is based on the fact I cannot even open it.

Fantastic for Artists

I do a lot of online drawing and painting demonstrations. Unfortunately, my webcam constantly focuses on my hands instead of my painting, or drastically changes the color balance every time a new color is added to the image. Not only is this frustrating, but it renders the demonstration useless in most cases. Even the firmware that came with my webcam does not do this (not on the Mac at least). This program remedies these problems like a champ! I can set the white balance, focus, and exposure to my liking and then lock it there. It took just a few seconds effort, and now my videos are so much better. Well worth the $8 in my opinion!!!

Great for a Photo booth if you are using a WebCam

If you have a Macintosh Computer you already have the program Photo Booth and for a very small investment you can set up a very nice Photo Booth, this program Webcam Settings supplies everything you need to have basic controls of your WebCam. Forget about printing the pictures, Apple’s program Photo Booth makes it very easy to apply effects and email the photo you have just taken, in my opinion much nicer then printing some little strip of pictures. Everyone has a smart phone now days and they can forward it to anyone they want to. Well worth the small price that they charge. Anyone can be taught to use it in about 15 minutes. This would be a really nice add-on service for any videographer, photographer, or anyone just wanting to set up what has become a very popular Service for any special event.. And the nice thing you can email the pictures allowing you to charge a much lower fee then people who print the pictures.

Logitech HD Pro C920

Software worked perfect for the Logitech HD Pro C920. I finally have a solution and can use my camera to record video. Thank you so much

Is it that hard for Apple to give this functionality at the OS level?

Can’t believe I have to pay $8 to change settings that should be available in the base operating system. It does the job though, with my MS LifeCam in El Capitan. Wish it only cost like $2 or $3.


You can`t use on imove as is clearly says.

App suddenly stopped working

Just purchased this 2 days ago and now it will no longer open! Am very frustrated. Followed through on the instructions and when it worked the 1st time was reall happy with it. BUt now it won’t work anymore and now I can’t control my webcam like I could and needed to do so before. Help! I wonder what the heck happened????? ;’(

It simply does the job

I’m using a Webcam for my Youtube videos and for teaching online, I wanted a very good one to replace the iSight of my MacBooik Pro 17, so I bought the Logitech C920…It was a disastrer since I live in Europe, the light frequency was interfering with the video, I’ve bought webcam settings to fix that problem with the 50/60 hz switch…Boom problem fixed But even more all the set up that you can find on a PC and that are missing on a Mac you can have them all back with Webcam Settings in addition the updates seems to be there regularly and the developer is very accessible I warmly recommend it Christelle


Very very very bug with LifeCam Studio!!

Not compatible with Mountain Lion!

Not compatible with Mountain Lion. I want my money back! ´

Great app a must for Mac webcam users

Just bought this app and am very happy with it. Insalled and worked right away on not just one but two webcams at the same time( using 2 Logitech 920 webcams) . Works with Camtwist ( a great free web cam mixer) and Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder( also free). Just what I needed to have manual control over my webcams for live video streaming. A five star app for sure and worth the very reasonable price of $7.99 Cdn. Everything said about how it works is true. Will be watching to see what else this Mactaris comes up with and letting everyone know that needs webcam control on Mac. Awesome work !! Highly recommended.!!

Great customer Service

I am just beginning to use the app and have the Logitech C905 not C910 so no zooming features but does have pan and tilt features. Ine feature that would be nice to add would be a flhorizontal and verticle flip option. THis is great value! I was having a small technical issue as I hadnt realized the app opened in the menu bar and I was looking in the dock and couldnt find it. I sent an email and was answered immediately/ ANd when I responded again with the same problem was once again answered immediately and of course I WAS WRONG and the app was open exactly where it should be. And of course works perfectly.

Great app & even better developer

I downloaded Webcam Settings on a bit of a whim. I have a Logitech Pro 9000 webcam, and although it technically worked when I plugged it into my Macbook Pro, I was unable to utilize the manual focus feature that had worked previously in Windows. Since the manual focus was the reason I purchased the webcam in the first place, I was upset that it didnt work on my Mac. I purchased Webcam Settings and much to my dismay, the manual focus for my particular camera was not supported by Webcam Settings. Defeated, I contacted the developer looking for some kind of refund. After emailing back and forth, he told me that I could get a refund through the App Store, or I could give him some time and he would look into the problem. I chose the latter solution, and did my best to help him debug the issue. Long story short, he eventually provided me with a copy of Webcam Settings with the manual focus working for my webcam. Apparently this required him to actually go out and buy my model of webcam in order to troubleshoot it, which was far beyond what I expected from a developer! The app now works perfectly for me, and I am glad I stuck with it instead of just opting for the refund.

Works great with Logitech HD Webcam C615

Bought a Logitech webcam for video calls as it was advertised as being "MAC compatible". True, it will work (UVC) and be seen by OSX but you have no control on almost anything compared to the window driver developed for the webcam. I know now what UVC stands for :-) Instead of just returning the camera as I was quiet upset with the Logitech claim of compatibility that make you think the product is at par on OSX compared to Window, I started to search around a way to gain control and be able to disable some "auto-features" from the webcam. And I found Webcam Settings. Just worked flawlessly. Recognized the webcam without having to do anything and the price is right as it does everything that was advertised. Hope Logitech will take notice that there is a developer, out there, that knows webcams and how to code for OSX!

Does what the description says

It does what the description says and gives you the controls you need. Just one thing : I wish it would give control over resolution and aspect ratio. Otherwise nice program. Logitech should link to this software as they dont seem to want to offer mac support for cams such as the C920. Shame on Logitech! "Webcam Settings" bridges the gap.

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